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Welcome all, to my new personal blog. I don't expect anybody to be much interested in this besides my family and close friends, but here it is. Back in the day I kinda-sorta blogged on Livejournal.  Then I moved to Dreamwidth.  Then I pretty much went all Twitter and Facebook.  This is my new permanent blog, where I will ramble on about whatever seems important at the time.  The one topic I will not cover here is anything technical, because for that I have created...  another blog!  (You'll hear more about that soon.)

Why is my blog called "Stalk This!"?  Well, obviously because it is the war cry of Nav Licim - the wilted patriarch of the Celery People in the fine pulp fiction series Slaughter Realms, as written by my favorite trashy pulp fiction author Alan Philipson.  I like Alan's writing so much I actually got him to put me in one of his books (in which he proceeds to kill me in a spectacularly horrifying manner).  I expect that book will be blog fodder for me in another three months when it comes out.

So anyway, this is my new home online.  If you used to follow me on either Livejournal or Dreamwidth, you will want to make the switch to following me here.  I plan on going through and cherry picking some important archived posts from those to bring over here, and then I will be done with them forever.  It's all the way from now on, baby!

Barb Riley
Congrats on your new blog home! I miss Nav.
Although I am a bigger OL reader, AP guilted me into reading his DLs and by coincidence will start Dark Resurrection tonight. I have Doom Helix on pre-order - awaiting your death!
Any chance of hooking up with something like Feedburner so us forgetful stalkers could get emailed reminders when you post?
You can pick up my RSS feed at, or by clicking on the little orange RSS icon at the top of the post next to the date and time.

Ben and Snow White

Ben and Snow White

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The word "shmoolok" is a mashup of the longtime computer handles for my wife and myself ("Shmooby" and "Lokheed", respectively).

I originally created this website to be a place for my family to connect, but it has since grown into something a little different.

As for me -- I am a father, a husband, a son, a software developer, and a writer. On any given day I am not sure how good I am at any of those particular things, but I do try my best.

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