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I missed making my regular weekly post last week, and I have had a few developments with the book, so I thought I might take a moment to post an update for those who are interested.

As of last week, the digital version of 3500 is no longer exclusive to the Kindle. Now that the initial 90 day exclusive window has closed, I have expanded the digital reach via Smashwords. As of this moment you can download the book in multiple digital versions at, and very soon it will be available for the Nook, on Apple iBooks, and for the Sony e-reader. I will add those links to the book page as soon as they are live.

I also just released an updated print version of the book with a small handful of typo corrections. The print version is currently unavailable on Amazon, but will be back in a few days with the corrected text. The digital version already has the same corrections.

I am looking into creating an audio book version through Audible, but I am sure that will take at least several months to complete. Right now I am weighing whether to record the narration myself, or to hire a professional voice person. I could go either way; I think reading the book in my own voice has a certain narrative transparency, but I am not sure my speaking voice will be clear and crisp enough. I think my next step is to record a sample, and then solicit some feedback on how it sounds.

I also just submitted the book for review at Publisher's Weekly for their August insert on independent books. I have about a 25% chance of being selected for a review, so wish me luck. It would be great exposure for the book, particularly to industry insiders.

As for Ben, I just found out that he at a banana at school today. Seriously, a banana! How cool is that? It might seem weird to be so excited, but trust me -- it's a big deal. We are seeing so much growth in him lately, it really is awesome.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement, and stay tuned. Prom is this Friday and Ben has a date, so I have a pretty decent guess about what I will be writing about next week...

christopher hulse
hello ron my name is chrisand i just finished reading 3500. i thought it was an amazing book. i am a huge disney fan and have a stepson who is autistic, so when i saw the title of the book i had to read it. my son is on the high end of the spectrum but a lot of the behaviors you described reminded me of him when he was younger. i think that what you and your family have done for him is outstanding. i hope that some day you get to have that conversation with your son. you sound like you deserve it. thanks for his story.

Ben and Snow White

Ben and Snow White

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