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I realized that I hadn't posted anything here since the end of November, so here is the short version:

Arranging for the surgery he needs has been a slow uphill battle. We were initially delayed by the Thanksgiving holiday, and then there was a SNAFU with the referral (it went to the surgeon's academic office instead of the clinic). Once we finally got the referral itself sorted out we had to iron out some insurance issues to do with taking him out of state for this procedure. As of today, that is all taken care of.

Where we stand now is that Ben needs a CT scan done here locally sometime in the next week or so, the results of which will be sent to Birmingham. Scheduling-wise, he needs to first have a consult with the surgeon, which only happens on Thursdays. In order to save us from driving ten hours back and forth twice, he needs to have the surgery itself scheduled on a Friday (the day after his Thursday consult). So now the surgeon's scheduling coordinator is trying to find a Friday in which all of the necessary medical personnel are available. It is possible that the surgery will be January 3rd, but more likely that it will be the 10th. We should know for sure in the next few days.

As for Ben, he had reached the point where he was barely sleeping and barely eating. This past weekend we tried a different combination of pain meds that seem to have helped. He has had three consecutive nights of good sleep, and is eating a little more. That's a good sign. So we just need to keep him comfortable for another 2-3 weeks until he has his surgery. We are now looking at Valentine's Day before he is really recovered and back to normal (for varying definitions of the word "normal").


Ben and Snow White

Ben and Snow White

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