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My Set at Pilars Open Mike Night Two Weeks Ago


I have a post coming this Wednesday about Ben's first ride on the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, but in the meantime here is a video of me performing three songs at an open mike night at Pilars Martini Bar in Winter Garden a couple weeks ago. The first is my acoustic cover of "Wrecking Ball", and then two original songs -- "Western Winds" and "Benjamin's Lullaby (a.k.a. All Is Well)". I hope you like it.

Why I Play Guitar In Public

Most of the time on this blog I write about my son, but today I wanted to do something different. What I would like to do instead is answer a question that nobody is actually asking, but has been nagging at me lately anyway. Why in the heck to I play guitar and sing in public? The answer is certainly not “because I think I’m awesome.” I consider my skill as a guitar player to be, at best, an advanced beginner. Vocally I think most of the time I am generally okay, occasionally I am reasonably good, and more frequently than I would like I am a train wreck. As for my stage presence and general abilities as a live performer, I am pretty much a rank amateur. So why in the heck do I do it?

Ben and Snow White

Ben and Snow White

About Shmoolok

The word "shmoolok" is a mashup of the longtime computer handles for my wife and myself ("Shmooby" and "Lokheed", respectively).

I originally created this website to be a place for my family to connect, but it has since grown into something a little different.

As for me -- I am a father, a husband, a son, a software developer, and a writer. On any given day I am not sure how good I am at any of those particular things, but I do try my best.

Thank you for visiting my website.

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