Pound a Week–Week 3


Yay, another successful week.

Baseline: 301.9
Last Week:  299.4
This week: 296.2
Change this week: –3.2
Total Change: –5.7

So, three weeks in and I am 2.7 lbs ahead of schedule. That’s nice. I seem to remember this kind of thing from before, that the first few weeks are comparatively easy to show big progress. I assume that is the universe’s way of encouraging success. On the other hand, I am now almost exactly the weight I was two years ago, when I was so horrified at how heavy I was that I started a weight loss program. That time I made it down to about 261 lbs in four months, leveled out there for a month or so, and then slowly gained it all back and then some. That’s what I really fear, and what I hope that this weekly blogging will help prevent this time.

Ben and Snow White

Ben and Snow White

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The word "shmoolok" is a mashup of the longtime computer handles for my wife and myself ("Shmooby" and "Lokheed", respectively).

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